What can you do if your ATM has swallowed your credit card?

In today’s world, without a credit card, life can become quite difficult. Worst of all, it is stolen because you have to immediately disable what’s in the money or demand a new card, which also comes with a price. For example, without a credit card, you cannot withdraw money from an ATM, only during opening hours, at the branch, for a much higher transaction fee.

Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence, but it may happen that the ATM snatches the credit card. Unfortunately, this is similar to stealing, as in most cases, the card will need to be disabled and a new one requested.

Let’s look at the main reasons your ATM absorbs your credit card:


  • The card is being blocked, meaning you have blocked it because of a suspicion of theft or abuse.
  • The card has been blocked by the bank because it has expired.
  • He removed his credit card from the outlet too late. Usually you have 30 seconds to take your card, and the ATM will alert you with a sound and a light signal. If you do not take your card in time, the machine will not give you any money.
  • The ATM was damaged.
  • Your credit card is defective or damaged.
  • You have mistaken your PIN too many times. The number of times you try to enter a PIN differs from one bank to another, but most banks are allowed three times to make a mistake. Many people think that a reverse-typed PIN gives a secret alarm to the police. This is not the case, the machine only detects that the code is incorrect.
  • Other technical errors are detected by the ATM.

What should I do if something goes wrong?

What should I do if something goes wrong?

The best way to do this is to immediately call the ATM reference number listed on the ATM. This call will be sent to your ATM operator. It is very important to customer service over the phone from you will never ask for your PIN code. If this were to happen, you would have called the wrong number and been the victim of some kind of abuse. Be suspicious even if a helpful stranger appears after the card has been flushed, even if you are exposing yourself to a bank employee.

If you have an ATM at a branch and it is still open, you should definitely go in and report the incident. In some banks, if you have been withdrawn for non-security reasons, you may be able to get your card back after being identified.

If the branch is already closed, you should call the issuing bank’s hotline to report the incident around the clock. Always contact your bank, that is, who issued the card, as they will decide whether or not the withdrawn credit card can be returned.

Unfortunately, ATM manipulations have increased in Hungary, so in such cases you should always disable your credit card, as it may end up in the hands of strangers, so it is your responsibility to misuse it.

Some banks consider the circumstances of card swallowing when charging a ban. If the card has been snatched by the ATM for technical reasons, the cost of disabling and replacing the card will be credited to your bank account upon request by the cardholder.

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